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    Bigatt Hotel & Restaurant:
    a project by Cooperativa Area

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    The place to feel at home
    and much more

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    For us who respect the people,
    the environment and the territory

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    An oasis of relaxation
    surrounded by nature 4 minutes from the city

The place to feel at home and much more

A hotel with 24 rooms, each different from the other, a restaurant that offers typical local and seasonal dishes, three magnificent frescoed meeting rooms, and much more. Bigatt, thanks to the commitment of qualified professionals and enthusiastic supporters, creates a social enterprise to promote the professional inclusion of people excluded from job market.

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Social Business

Social business means to mix - in a non-profit dimension - entrepreneurial spirit and professional integration of people excluded from the job market, who can benefit from specialist training and are helped to grow.

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Cá dal Bigatt 

The Hotel. In a recently renovated historical villa, in the middle of a wonderful park in the Gulf of Lugano, Cá dal Bigatt offers 23 individually decorated rooms, suitable for every need. One swimming pool, a courtyard, an old wine press and a chapel.

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La Cá dal Bigatt welcomes you to 23 fully renovated, generous and light-filled rooms. You will find a team happy to assist all your needs. We are waiting for you.

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Bigatt_Hotel_and_Restaurant_Lugano_S _FOTO BIGATT HOTEL & RESTAURANT FOOD

Locanda dal Bigatt

The Chef Daniele Giordano is the soul of the Locanda dal Bigatt Restaurant. He will surprise you with his cuisine based on local products and on our organic vegetable gardens, accompanied by regional wines.

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The Meeting Rooms

Two frescoed rooms welcome those who want to plan meetings, events or cultural evenings. Or those who, for business, have to organise workshops, meetings and more.

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