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    Bigatt Hotel & Restaurant:
    a project by Cooperativa Area

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    The place to feel at home
    and much more

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    For us who respect the people,
    the environment and the territory

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    An oasis of relaxation
    surrounded by nature 4 minutes from the city

The place to feel at home and much more

A hotel with 24 rooms, each different from the other, a restaurant that offers typical local and seasonal dishes, three magnificent frescoed meeting rooms, and much more. Bigatt, thanks to the commitment of qualified professionals and enthusiastic supporters, creates a social enterprise to promote the professional inclusion of people excluded from job market.

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The park

Bigatt is located in the middle of a wonderful green park on Monte San Salvatore with spectacular 360-degree views over Lake Lugano. 9000 m2 of meadows, woods and gardens, where you can take a walk and relax in nature. 3000 m2 of orchards and organic gardens, cultivated according to the principles of Natural Agriculture providing fresh produce for the Locanda’s Kitchen.

Fruit, vegetables, pulses, spices and herbs are grown with a deep respect and understanding of the land.
Bigatt’s grounds also feature an olive grove and a vineyard from which the Moncucchetto farm produces the famous vine Morchì, served at the Locanda del Bigatt with other local wines.

Among the meadows, there is a beautiful swimming pool.

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The patio, the wine press, the chapel

The Cá dal Bigatt and the Locanda are accessed through a large and suggestive cobbled patio, home to an ancient wine press and where you can taste the wines of Fattoria Moncucchetto and those of the region.

Just off the patio is a small chapel, entirely frescoed and recently restored it is dedicated to San Vincenzo De Paoli, a Gascon who lived between the 16th and 17th centuries, and who also stayed in Lugano and in the Ticino valleys for a long time.

The patio has become the heart of the building and on hot and sunny days can be home to wonderful private gatherings and elegant public events.

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The swimmingpool

Built on the roof of the underground car park, the swimming pool is exclusive for the hotel’s guests and is located between meadows and trees.

While swimming, you’ll be able to enjoy breath taking views over the lake and the mountains and might pretend you are in a mountain lake.

All of this in an ecological dimension, with a water filtering system that minimizes both the need for chemical disinfectants and pollution.

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The meeting rooms

Three frescoed rooms are home to meetings and events.
The Sala dell’Ulivo overlooks the olive grove and the Gulf of Lugano.
The Sala del Pavone opens onto a romantic balcony with views over Ceresio.
The Sala della Pernice is located inside the Locanda.

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The Bigatt Project was born from the meeting of the Crepaz-Antonietti Foundation, owner of the grounds and the buildings, and the Cooperativa Area, active for years in social and professional integration of people excluded from the job market.

A meeting that allowed to define a common will: create a hotel and restaurant in which to carry out a social project of professional and social integration for people who find themselves in difficult situations.

Over several years the Foundation has supported and implemented the renovation of the building, whose origins date back to the twelfth century.

The Cooperativa Area entered as a tenant in 2020 to carry out the social hotel and restaurant project of the Bigatt where both professionals and collaborators in training work towards integration paths.