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    Bigatt Hotel & Restaurant: a project of Cooperativa Area

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    Bigatt is no-profit

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    Bigatt is social

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    Bigatt is ecologic

The Bigatt:

is a project of Cooperativa Area, is social, is non-profit, is ecological, respects its customers, respects its workers, is coherent and transparent, is improvement and innovation, chooses partners who share these values.

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Social Work

Social enterprise means to mix entrepreneurial spirit and support for professional integration. Bigatt's challenge is to offer people who have permanently lost their jobs the chance to get back to work in a welcoming business environment.

Here they will find:

  • a training and/or a recovery path, the development of professional and social skill
  • work experience guided both by professionals and by staff with skills in supporting socio-professional integration
  • a chance to retrieve personal skills, competences as well as professional skills and therefore a placement on the job market
  • special care of young people who are offered specific training in the hotel, catering and horticulture sectors

No profit and environment

Bigatt is non-profit. Any earnings are invested in new projects in the context of professional integration or for the development of existing ones. Bigatt is strongly linked to the local area and all its choices are oriented in terms of ecological, environmental responsibility and care of the environment.

Even in the choice of its suppliers Bigatt is committed to finding partners who share their values, in full respect and attention for the territory and its staff. Partners are also given the opportunity to share professional paths with the people who are building their professional future at Bigatt.

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The Cooperativa Area

The Cooperativa Area was founded in the Lugano area in the early 1980s to provide an innovative response to the problem of the placement of people who are struggling to get on the job market. Its primary purpose is therefore to promote job integration by creating and developing employment opportunities for those who may find it difficult to express their potential. This occurs through the offer of an experience of professional and social integration and training, bringing attention to growth, development, socialization and improvement of the state of health.

In addition to the Bigatt, Area manages five work units distributed throughout the region: the Oblò in Vezia, l’ In-utile in Noranco, the Atelier in Lugano and the Arsenale and Belligreen in Bellinzona, where it operates in the field of recovery and restoration of furniture and objects, sale to the public, removals, maintenance of gardens and vineyards. Belligreen instead offers a home collection of recyclable waste.


Job is a value

Job as a human, social and educational experience.
Work is one of the main places in which the individual defines, evolves and realizes himself. Exclusion from job market is therefore highly penalizing from a human, a social and professional point of view.
Creating and promoting access to a welcoming and inclusive workplace allows us to offer a preferential channel for a path of recovery and better management of difficulties.

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Job as a place of realization

Accessing the job market means being able to activate professional and social skills, the assumption of responsibility, the integration into the social fabric, the continuous comparison with one's own skills and relational attitudes.
Strengthening professional and social skills allows everyone to participate and contribute to the growth and development of the whole Cooperative and its activities.